Tuesday, 6 June 2017

WWDC 2017: Apple Launches HomePod Home Speaker

Apple has launched the WWDC 2017 AR Kit as well as another Home Device HomePod Home Speaker.
WWDC 2017: Apple Launches HomePod Home Speaker

In the event WWDC 2017 organized by Apple, the company has introduced AR Kit in addition to the new iMac and iPad Pro. With this, another device of the company in the event was the center of highlights. The HomePod Home Speaker has been launched by the company which can compete in the market with pre-existing Google Home and Amazon Eco devices.
It was already discussed before the event of the WWDC 2017 event that Apple would launch the Amazon Echo like 'Siri Speaker' device. Which will perform similarly to Siri on iOS, by which it will allow the system to complete several tasks by controlling the user's voice. At the same time, the company has launched this device in the name of the HomePod Home Speaker. This device is made of cylindrical design like Mac Pro. Homepod has been given a 3D mash frabbik for advanced acoustics. It is equipped with Apple's A8 chip and tells about Apple's spatial awareness.
For more sound audio output in the HomePod, 7 tweeter and a subwoofer have been formed. This speaker system works in sync with the Apple Music Service and is able to play user-favorite music through it.
This device is seri enabled and has 6 microphone used. Users can use 'Hey, Siri' command to find answers to your questions. Users can command Siri as per their convenience and usage. In which he can ask any questions other than listening to the song through the command. With Siri, the HomePod doubles as a home speaker. Its functionality is the same as existing home speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home. You can set up a reminder in it, play songs, ask questions. It supports Apple's IoT-based HomeKit.
The price of Apple HomePod is $ 349 and will be available in White and Gray colors. At present, it will be available in its domestic country and its cell will start from December. At the same time, hopefully, it can be widely launched in the beginning of 2018 year.

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