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What Should i do after losing my phone

A device that keeps many personal information about us, which is lost or stolen, makes us a lot of trouble. Not only data on the phone is missing, but information like banks and social media is also afraid of being leaked. To avoid these problems, do these five things first after the phone is lost.
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5 Things Immediately Should do After Losing SmartPhone

Trace Location :-

Now almost all smartphones have inbuilt location tracking service. With the Google Account missing, you can locate the phone's location by signing in on your PC. Unless the phone is turned off you will get information about where your phone is on.

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Change the password of social sites :-

As soon as the phone is lost or stolen, please change the password of your social site like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. No one will be able to misuse the social ID made by your name.

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Backup your data :-

You also do not want to lose contact, photo, and video on your phone, then keep back all the important data on your phone. After this, whenever your phone is lost or stolen away from you, you can easily backup your data.

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Contact information on the lock screen :-

You should put your email or alternate phone number as a contact information on the phone's lock screen. This step is important if someone finds your missing phone, then he will be able to contact you through that information.

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Turn off SIM Card :-

When you find out that your phone is not near you or you are lost and stolen, talk to the cellular operator right away. First off your SIM card by talking to the operator. This will not allow your phones to be misused. Raise this step as soon as possible.

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