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Boost Android Phones Speed

How to improve Smartphone Speed

No matter how good a smartphone you buy, but after some time the speed becomes slow, there are many reasons for this,
Your Android phone started off running smoothly and responding instantly to every tap, but over time, even the fastest phone will start to show its age. And with a device you use as much as your smartphone, every missed swipe or extra moment waiting for an app to load can feel like an eternity.

Smartphones are the best-selling gadgets in India at this time. This can be said that the number of smartphone users in India is increasing rapidly. However, the number of smartphones users are increasing as well as in these phones a basic problem is being seen and that is the slogan or hang of the phone. Slow or hang smartphone becomes a hassle for the Fast User Experience, when the software does not work in the comparing of the phone's hardware.

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Why Phone Running Slow :-

Actually, these phones give good response for a few months of buying Android phones, but after some time these phones start hanging. Here we are going to tell you the reason for your phone being slow and what are the tips that you can give speed to your slow smartphone again.
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How to Speed Up my Phone :-

1. First remove the app that is not using your phone. These surround your space in your phone and the phone can be the main area of ​​hanging or slow phone. However, the app installed on behalf of the company can not be removed from the phone. You can disable these apps in this condition. Apart from this, if you use live wallpapers, then tell them that they also hang your phone. Static wallpapers can be used instead
As it is with any other desktop or mobile operating system, the performance of your Android OS will start to diminish after you use it for some time. Mobile operating systems are supposed to be lighter and faster to keep up with our need to be on the move, yet still give us access to everything. Want to have the best of both worlds? Then, it’s time to do some housekeeping.  If you have noticed that your Android phones performance have been ‘slowing down’, particularly after you’ve been loading it up with tons of Android apps (we don’t blame you) from the Google Play store, we have a few tips to share with you.  Recommended Reading: 20 Essential Apps For Your Android Phone  With just a few tweaks and changes, you’d probably be able to breathe life into your Android specifically those that have been updated to Android 4.0 and above.  1. Know your Device  It is important that you learn about the capabilities and drawbacks of your phone. Don’t overburden your phone with resource-hungry apps which would otherwise degrade your phone’s performance at your expense.  2. Update your Android  If you haven’t updated your Android phone to the latest firmware, you should. Google brings great improvements to each new release of the Android operating system, including updates that ensure stability, higher performance speed and connectivity along with other user-friendly new features.  Tablets can also run on ICS and Jelly Bean now; you should be able to update it until Android 4.1 Jelly Bean via System updates (Check under ‘About phone’).

2. The app and processing that runs in the background of the phone slow down your smartphone's speed. There are many such apps, which are processed all the time in the background of the phone. Many apps are synced with online services as soon as the net is connected. To know which apps are continuously running in your phone's background, check the running app in the Settings app. If there are such apps, running, but do not use them, remove them immediately.

3. The app which is repeatedly used in our smartphone, cache is ready, which can sloop the phone. For this, users can delete the automatically generated cache file in the phone and increase the speed of your phone. Although this is not a one time process and you have to do this continuously for the speed of the phone. To clear the cache file, you can clear the screen by going to the settings and selecting the app. You can also download a third party app for routine cash clear.

4. The built-in storage of smartphones may also be due to your phone being slow. To avoid this problem, 10 to 20 percent of the total built storage of the phone should be free of space. In such a way, to delete the unused app for making space in the phone, clearing the cache file will be even better for your phone. However now in almost all phones, the built-in storage can be extended through the microSD card in the smartphone. You can move apps with your pictures, videos and other files to MicroSD card.
Any phone will eventually become slower over time and overloaded with files, which can lead to frustrating delays in opening apps, changing settings and doing virtually anything else. Thankfully, there are a few handy tools to help you declutter, remove duplicate files and generally tidy up your phone to keep it in tip-top condition. We've put together a list of three essentials you'll want to consider downloading today.  Best Android apps of 2016 How to stop Android apps running in the background I would like to try playing games with a TV box. What do you think? 5050 15775 participants 1. SD Maid Despite this being a non-ordered list of the best three apps for keeping your device running in top condition, SD Maid is first in this list for a reason: the free version is really useful, and the paid app adds even more options for cleaning your device in just a few taps. Best of all, it does it without overloading you with other dubious functions (like 'RAM boosting') or trying to get you to install other apps by the same company.  The main overview of the app gives you access to CorpseFinder, SystemCleaner, AppCleaner and Databases. These are all individual tools that each perform a different function. If you delve into the menus you'll also find tools for finding and removing duplicate files of all types and enhanced AppControl tools. The most frequently used tools are those four found in the Overview panel though.  androidpit sdmaid SD Maid is well worth installing if you want to clear junk files. / © AndroidPIT CorpseFinder searches for and removes fragments of files or directories from apps you've uninstalled. SystemCleaner scans for known file types and locations that can be deleted without causing problems; advanced users can set their own rules for targeting files. AppCleaner, which requires the Pro version of the app, frees up space on your phone by deleting data from apps that it thinks can be safely deleted without losing any of your app settings. And finally, Databases attempts to speed up your phone by using an SQL VACUUM command to release empty pages without losing any data.  Duplicates isn't listed in the Overview menu but is a powerful tool in de-duping your phone of a whole bunch of different file types. It does that by checking duplicate file sizes and checksums to ensure they are indeed duplicates, rather than using file names or dates.  This is another Pro-only feature though. If you do decide to pay the $3.49 to unlock all the options, you'll also get access to a scheduler that lets you automatically run various tasks at certain times and a Statistics section showing you how much space has been saved.

5. If you are really worried about the hanging problem of the phone, this problem can be avoided by rooting the phone and installing custom roms. However, there is also a risk of data loss or disappear from your phone in this manner. Well we will not recommend this method to every user, it is only for power users. In this manner, the user should install a custom ROM on his device, which is much more light than the manufacturer's customized UI and firmware and also uses fewer resources.
Your Android phone was probably fast when you first bought it, right? Then over time it began running more slowly. This is a common problem and nothing to worry about. Below is our guide to getting your phone fast again. Read on for our best tips to speed up your phone.  How to speed up the Nexus 5 How to speed up the Galaxy S5 I want to know what the hype is around NVIDIA Shield TV games. What do you think? 5050 11847 participants AndroidPIT OnePlus 2 app drawer Make your device run faster with our tips. / © ANDROIDPIT  Jump to a section:  Identify the problem Low storage What's wrong with widgets? Disable animations Free up RAM Reboot More troubleshooting 1. Identify the problem The first thing to do is find out what is causing the problem: an app, multiple apps, the system itself? Trepn Profiler by Qualcomm will show you the real-time CPU load for individual cores, an overview of network traffic for both data and Wi-Fi, GPU loads and RAM usage and more.  AndroidPIT Trepn Profiler main menu overlay The first thing to do is identify the problem. / © ANDROIDPIT Trepn can also produce app-specific or system-wide profiles and contains various methods for displaying accumulated data. You can save your profiled data for offline viewing and analysis and even have performance overlays on running apps. Once you've figured out your specific issue, you can move on to the solutions below.  AndroidPIT Trepn Profiler performance graph app profiler Real-time CPU usage for individual cores (left) and app profiling options (right). / © ANDROIDPIT Trepn Profiler Install on Google Play 2. Free up some space All those photos you've taken and all of those apps you’ve installed can take their toll on your phone. It needs a little breathing room to run smoothly and if it's running low on space, it can start to slow down.  moto x pure speed up 01 Android includes ways to free up space and speed up your device. / © ANDROIDPIT You can check how much space you have left by heading to the Storage section of Settings. One of the easiest ways to free up space is to tap Applications and see which apps you can uninstall.

6. Smartphone users install an app such as Anti Virus and Clean Master phones and they think that their app will improve their Android performance, but in reality there is no need for these apps in the smartphone. Such applications only process in the background and affect the battery life in addition to phone memory.

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