Saturday, 22 April 2017

flipkart changed its return policy for mobile and others products, will not get money back on a product return

Are you e-commerce website shopping? If so, these news for you. In fact, change their returns policy-greetings. Under this change if you buy something from flipkart and acknowledged a reason, you will not be refund his money. New policy change in mobile,Veyrebls, Camputrs , cameras, Office equipment and personal care will be applied to furniture.
Flipkart spokesman said, "the company offers 1,800 products are from customers of 1,150 products through self-service options on request refunds. Overall, two-thirds of all categories-greetings on the refund policy. Every day, 25,000 flipkart refunds also gets 60 per cent of cases it immediately ".
Under this policy if you have any product refunds, shipping charge when you return. As well as many products, including ilekniks's time to 10 days to return. That's where, if your phone is a hassle it will be corrected through the Troubleshoot. In addition, the 30-day return policy will apply to accessories and leather fashion accessories.
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